My London Builders

My London Builders, known as we as MLB LTD, is one of the leading construction and maintenance companies in London with decades of experience in offering ‘all-inclusive’ building and maintenance packages to suit all types of budgets and styles.  We undertake maintenance and renovations. We offer tailor made solutions to customers and offer honest and professional advise to customers.  The name My London Builders is synonymous with quality, reliability, and professionalism.

We have a team of engineers, specialists and highly experienced constructors with the ‘state of art’ building equipments to ensure timely completion of projects.  Our scope of work includes the complete range starting from, design and drawing and approval by the city council, contruction and handing over. Our design takes into account the latest development in building construction standards around the world and keeps abreast with them.  We strictly adhere to building standards and specifications.

My London builders incorporate the latest in interior designs, lighting, types of floors and highest energy rated fittings.  Our design philosophy includes the latest concepts in ‘green urban homes of tomorrow’ and environmentally friendly materials without compromising the elegance and beauty.

Our interior design concepts takes advantage of the natural lighting, airflow, shading of the house etc, that keeps the house warm during winter and cool in summer.  We also include rainwater harvesting, grey water storage and utilizing for gardening etc.

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What ever you need, any type of building work, can be done fast, efficiently and for sensible price. We can provide free estimates. Book your estimate now. Just dial 020 8829 0458 and one of our assistants will answer all your questions.

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We have experienced specialists in any type of building works! If you want to find out more about how we could improve your home and pricing please send your question over email and we would be more than happy to answer.

The dimensions of our designs allow enough frontage, garden, and passages all around and allow unhindered air and lighting for the house.

My London Builders do all the hard work for you starting from site selection, site works, service connections, higher star energy ratings, and council requirements.  My London builders provide estimates with all the specifications and cost upfront so there is no hidden costs in fine prints and no surprises just before you move in.

MLB LTD have gallery of the latest completed projects and our sale consultants will explain some of the specifications and techniques used in this projects.  You can look around on our website and choose a project that is most suitable to your budget and lifestyle.  We will also accommodate any alterations and suggestion you would like to incorporate in the design.  Our friendly staff of  My London Builders will be with you every step of the way from the selection of a project, contract signing, financial approval, finalising interiors and finishing and construction.  My London Builders are known for timely completion and handing over the completed projects to the customers as per the schedule.

My London Builders is a one-stop shop where you get all your housing requirements under one roof.

London Builders Located at Palace St, London, SW1 2AA. Phone: 02088290458.