Profiting From House Extensions in London

Profiting From House Extensions in London

With the housing market being like it is, there’s no wonder so many people are electing to extend and improve their current homes rather than buying a new one. Many of us simply don’t want the stress or expense of moving home. Some can’t get a mortgage, others just like the area in which they live too much to leave. Whatever the reasons for wanting a house extension, London has the widest variety of them to choose from.

The unique street designs, the prevalence of terraces, and the largely Victorian and pre-war housing lend themselves well to this kind of project. Whether you’re planning a huge kitchen, two-story rear or a side, there is plenty to think about when planning a house extension. London borough planners all have different ideas about what’s acceptable where. So talk to a London planner, or architect, then call My London Builders.

The first restriction is the property onto which the extension is being built. Depending on the property type, size and available space, you might only have a couple of options. The second restriction is of course, budget. We can all dream a dream, but it’s the wallet that makes it a reality. The third restriction is that of planning. Talk to your council or ensure your architect is on top of things on your behalf.

The style of the extension will be largely up to you, within limits. We can integrate it into the existing building, using the same bricks and materials or make it stand out. Either will make a statement, but it’s important to choose the style early, as it influences every other decision after that.

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This isn’t a project for the faint of heart. It certainly isn’t one you can do yourself, unless you’re a builder. Even using a professional firm My London Builders will still involve patience and some upheaval. Any kind of building work on your home is going to involve inconvenience, noise, mess, and strange men wandering around. You need to be prepared for that before undertaking a project like this. It might only be for a few weeks, and will be worth it in the end, but you need to be prepared for the disruption to your routine.

There are two things we will need to take care of apart from the physical building. The planning permission and building regulations. We have touched on planning permission already. Our builder, or you, will need to seek permission if it’s needed before the first footing is dug. It isn’t guaranteed, even if others in your road have them. Councils take a dim view of permission being sought after the fact.

Building regulations is a whole other bureaucracy, and something our builder can take care of. They are in the form of “parts” from A to P. They concern themselves with structure, fire safety, sound insulation, drainage, ventilation, electrical safety and energy efficiency.

Everything must comply with the appropriate regulation otherwise the extension could be condemned. Make sure it’s clear which one of you is in charge of maintaining regulations. It can mean the difference between success and utter failure.

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