Central Heating Installers in London Prefer Combi Boilers

Central Heating Installers in London Prefer Combi Boilers

Central heating installers in London are making a definite move towards recommending combi boilers when quoting for any central heating work in the capital. Combi boilers now account for more than half of domestic boilers installed or replaced in the last couple of years.

This is good news as many homeowners rely on the advice of a qualified plumbing and heating engineer to suggest ways of improving the efficiency and warmth of their home. Those of us that have embraced the combi boiler are offering sound advice to our customers.

A combi, or combination boiler is currently the most efficient fossil-fuelled boiler we have. As many of our central heating installers in London will tell you, a good quality combination boiler will pay for itself in a few years, while giving many more years of efficient service. The plumbers at My London Builders will all suggest using one for most situations.

How a Combi Boiler Works

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A combination boiler heats water as it passes through it and delivers hot water to the tap or shower on-demand. That means there is no longer any need for a separate hot water tank or header tank in the loft. Both of these take up valuable space, and in the case of the hot water tank, costs money to run.

It still uses fossil fuel to heat the water, but this way, it only uses enough energy to heat what you want. The old way of doing things was to heat a whole tank of hot water and keep it warm all day. In homes where water usage is high, this was quite efficient. However, now with many couples of single people living alone, the demand for hot water isn’t so high. Also, it took quite a lot of energy to keep that water up to temperature, which was wasted if it wasn’t used.

The other advantage of using a combi boiler is that water runs throughout the house at mains pressure. This is more of an advantage on the first floor of a home where water pressure from the header tank in the loft can be quite low.

You gain space too. As you no longer need a hot water tank or header, you can have them removed and use the space for something else. Regain your airing cupboard and increase your loft space while also saving money in the home.

If your home needs a new boiler, or work done to your heating, our central heating installers in London will suggest getting a combi boiler at the same time. It lowers the overall cost of the project and can be done instead of remedial work to existing boilers and hot water tanks.

As always, there is a downside. The initial cost of having a combi boiler installed can be quite high. Although the cost of the boilers themselves are coming down, there could be a lot of work involved in having it fitted. For the exact costs and local central heating installers in London, contact My London Builders. We will be able to give you a more exact quote.