Planning a Loft Conversion

Planning a Loft Conversion

One of the most popular property projects in recent years is the loft conversion. London is full of Georgian and Victorian houses that have no garage or no spare garden space, so scope for extension is often limited. A loft conversion is the ideal way to increase that space, while not altering the fabric of the house too much.

A loft conversion is also one of the more straightforward projects a good London builder can undertake. Like any significant alteration, it’s best to get professional advice when considering it. An architect or designer will be able to visualise the finished product and design something that will sit perfectly within the confines of the existing building.

Doing it on the cheap isn’t always the best idea. For example, using the converted space for storage, using a drop down ladder and a Velux window doesn’t count as extra living area. Using a proper staircase cleverly built into the space allows you to market the room as habitable when it comes to selling.

Whatever your plans, give My London Builders a call. We can take a look and offer advice, information and a competitive quote.

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The steeper the pitch of the roof, the more suitable it will be for conversion. There needs to be at least 2.3 metres of vertical space to provide enough headroom to use. You can add dormer windows to add valuable space. They cost extra and may need planning permission, but are worth it if the budget allows. The dormer can be the size of a single window or stretch almost the length of the roof. Again, a good architect can advise what’s possible and what isn’t.

If you want ideas on loft conversions, London is the place to be. Take a walk along the streets around your home and look at the different variations. Many will be at the back, but depending on the aspect, can be at the front too. It’s also a good measure of how likely any planning permissions is to be granted. If there are plenty of other conversions around you, it’s likely that you can get it if you need it.

You need to ask some fundamental questions before going to an architect or talking to My London Builders. Questions like:

A loft conversion is not something a DIY enthusiast should not undertake themselves. There is simply too much to plan, design and integrate into the job. There is also the many rules and regulations specific to a loft conversion. My London Builders are the best conversion specialists around, give us a call and we’ll be happy to prove it.