Finding Good West London Builders

West London contains some of the most expensive real estate in the world. It also contains some of the least desirable. It doesn’t matter if you like Georgian, Victorian or contemporary modern, you’ll find it in West London. Builders are always in evidence, renovating, converting or doing odd jobs around the city, which reflects the lively property market.

My London Builders knows that not every company has the customers interests at heart. So if you’re looking to have work done, read on, then give us a call.

Finding a good builder is like finding a decent mechanic. Once you find one you like, you stick with them. West London builders know this, so the good ones make sure you can find them, and that they are head and shoulders above the rest. But if you’re a homeowner new to the trades, how do you spot a good one?

The easiest way to find a decent builder is to ask friends and colleagues for their feedback. You’re as likely to find firms you don’t want to work with as well as those you do, but it’s all good information. If you don’t get any recommendations, take a walk around your neighbourhood and check out the homes that are having work done.

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Be cheeky and knock on the door, be polite and ask if their builder is any good. At least some should venture a positive opinion of their tradesman. That’s a great endorsement, especially if their work is nearly complete. It’s still worth double checking their word though, and call the builder directly to book a quote.

Fortunately, in West London, builders abound, so there’s no shortage of firms to call. Call My London Builders first though, we can quote, give an accurate timescale and get the work done. No fuss, no mess, just a job well done. We only have your interests at heart, which is why we’re publishing these guides. We want to rid our industry of the cowboys so you can concentrate on the job at hand.

A good builder will offer a detailed quote in writing, won’t ask for complete payment up front and will be willing to supply references. It’s important to not just go for the cheapest quote, but to go for the builder you felt most comfortable with. Choose the firm you feel is most likely to deliver on their promises, not the one who can get it done in the quickest time. While you might want the work over and done with quickly, it’s far better to have to wait a while and have a good job, than have a rush job.

You should also ask for at least three references from My London Builders. You then need to make time to follow these up and pay a visit to check the quality of the job. Don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions about our work and how the project went. You may find out details that’ll be much more useful than a general, ‘It was fine.’ We urge you to do this whoever you employ, you’re trusting us with your home, your most valuable possession.

All the trades are busy in West London, builders especially. Sometimes it’s worth waiting for a good one to be free enough to work for you. It’s a sign of a good builder anyway. It’s usually the not so good ones who don’t have much work on. Good quality companies, like My London Builders are like gold dust, and are always in demand.