Safety Challenges for Plumbers in London

Safety Challenges for Plumbers in London

Being a plumber in London is an interesting job. I get to meet new people every day, and am faced with different situations all the time. There is one thing I can say about this job, it’s never boring!

Working for My London Builders, I get to see properties of all kinds and of all shapes and sizes. Everything from a bedsit to a Georgian mansion and everything in-between. With this variation comes different challenges. Safety is a prime concern to us, but one that inevitably gets a groan from the audience. We’re generally sick and tired of hearing about health and safety, because the subject has run out of control.


The tools of our trade are both generic and specialist. We wouldn’t get anywhere without a motley collection of spanners, wrenches, volt meters and cutters. Investing in decent tools is a no-brainer for plumbers in London. Time wasted trying to do a job with poor, or the wrong tools, is time neither we, nor our customers can afford.

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Keeping the gear in good condition is also essential. Anything that uses batteries, or needs lubricating to work properly should be checked regularly. There’s nothing worse than not being able to check pressure or voltage because the battery in the meter has gone.


As plumbers in London, we see it all. As I mentioned, we get to see all kinds of properties, in all states of repair. Our work often has us working in wet, cramped conditions for which we need to be prepared. Ensuring there is adequate air-flow in these spaces is vital, as is checking the hydrogen sulphide levels.

This is easy to offset, by opening a nearby window, or just by being careful about how long we spend there. Working in the wet is also a hazard, not only a slip-hazard, but also from polluted water or even the cold. More than a few plumbers in London I know have caught pneumonia from a job when they were working in the damp and didn’t have a change of clothes.

Gas and Electricity

You don’t have to be a qualified plumber to know gas and electricity can be dangerous. Electricity and water aren’t a good combination and they have to be kept separate at all times. The plumbers in London I know are all pretty good, but we do hear horror stories of cowboys who don’t seal a unit off properly, or let a feed pipe drip onto a live wire.

You have to be trained to handle these conditions and not just for the clients sake. Our own safety is paramount when working with gas or electricity. I take good care of my own safety and those around me. The longer term safety of my clients comes a little later in the job.

Health and safety isn’t a popular term, mainly due to its silliness and overuse. Yet it is a legitimate concern for all plumbers in London, myself included. Any trade who doesn’t have their own, and their clients safety in mind shouldn’t be on the job.

My London Builders only use qualified, experience plumbers who appreciate health and safety but who don’t let it taker over the world. Use us every time you need a plumber. We’re here to help.