Frequently asked questions

Q. How to organise my toolbox?

A. Every household should have a good toolkit – but do not worry – there is no need to buy it all at once. They can be collected over time, as and when you need them. Tools can be expensive, however, it is a good idea to invest in quality tools because they will serve for a lifetime. Always buy the best tools that you can afford at the time, and over the years you will accumulate a high-quality collection. As for the toolbox itself – choose the one with many compartments – these help to keep tools organised.

The majority of people will need a hammer, screwdriver, torch or spanner from time to time. Here are a few other things that may come handy at some point:

Q. Where can I buy tools?

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A. Always invest in the best quality tools. They do not have to be the most expensive tools on the market, but try and choose the best that you can afford. Sometimes, it can be a good idea to buy second-hand tools, especially if you choose good brands, they will still serve for a lifetime. You can visit a local building or electrical shop or order your tools online. Online shopping has proved to be much cheaper. Here are the most popular places to buy tools, and their online addresses.

Q. How do I drill through tiles without cracking them?

A. You will need the following: drill and bits, vacuum cleaner, wall plug, pencil, masking tape. Mark the point on the tile for the fixing using a pencil, then apply masking tape over the mark (make sure that you mark is still visible). Fit a tile drill bit (select an appropriate size) and switch off any hammer action. In order to avoid unnecessary mess you may ask someone to hold a vacuum cleaner just below the mark while you switch on the drill. Start drilling on a low speed and slowly increase it. Once you made your way through the tile, change the bit accordingly for a masonry or wood bit, and drill to the required depth. When the whole is deep enough, remove the masking tape and plug the hole with the wall plug and insert the fixing as required.

Q. How can I fix drawer runners?

A. To adjust or re-fix the runner in your drawer you will need the following: screwdriver, spirit level and bradawl. First, unscrew the runner and try to leave the rear screw in place. Position the spirit level on the runner and use a bradawl to mark new fixing holes. Then, screw the runner back in place. Position the drawer and check how it operates after your adjustments. Re-adjust if required.

Q. How to unblock traps?

A. To deal with this problem you will need the following: bowl or bucket, old toothbrush and replacement washers. Traps are the most common areas where blockages occur. Some traps have so called ‘cleaning eye’ on the side, you will most likely find one of those just under your kitchen and bathroom sinks. The ‘cleaning eye’ unscrews, which allows cleaning without removing the trap. Firstly, undo the basin trap and position a bowl underneath it to catch any water. Then, remove debris and wash the trap in a bucket, now you can make use of the old toothbrush. When the trap is clean you can replace it. To prevent future leaks you may replace any worn washers.

Q. How to unblock pipes?

A. To deal with this problem you will need the following: chemical cleaner, protective gloves, plunger. First make sure that the trap is clear, if so it means that the problem is in the basin waste system. You can try apply the chemicals into the blockage. Remember to wear protective gloves and ventilate the place when using chemicals. Follow instructions provided. If chemicals don’t work, use a plunger. Place the cup over the plughole and pump up and down. To prevent blockages in the future, always remove debris from plugholes.

Q. How to unblock the toilet?

A. To deal with this problem you will need the following: auger. The auger burrows into the blockage and loosens it up. First, pull a section of the auger out of the drum. Then tighten the retaining nut on top of the auger body. And finally, rotate the drum of the auger so it burrow into the waste system to dislodge the blockage.

Q. How to adjust loose toilet seat?

A. If your toilet seat is in a good condition, there is no need to buy a new one, the only thing that you have to do is simply adjust the lid. The screwdriver is the  only tool that  you need for this task. Firstly, locate the nuts that hold the seat and lid to the pan, unscrew them and slide their rubber washers to adjust the opening angle of the lid. Then, tighten the nuts and check that the seat and lid now open to the desired angle.